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In this series of 10 short films, the residents of Kiad invite us inside of their homes - homes on land "that is not inhabited" and where "no people reside" according to the Environmental and Social Summary Report prepared by GENISA, the hydroelectric power company that built Barro Blanco, a 28 mega-watt gravity dam on the Tabasara River that will displace Kiad upon its completion. For 17-years since the dam concession was granted, Kiad has refused to be silenced in the face of bribes and threats by international banks, businesses and the Panamanian government. In a final effort to prove their right to live on their ancestral land, each of the families in Kiad gives a tour of their home, reflecting on a lifetime on the land the are fighting for, and what they have to lose.

Each story is 2-4 minutes. They are in no particular order, and can be viewed individually or serially.